Why Do Students Drop out of High School?

Why Do Students Drop out of High School?

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Why Do Students Drop out of High School?It is quite obvious that there is a serious dropout problem in high schools, but this isn’t limited to third world countries. An alarming number of students in the first world are dropping out of high school, and this number has only been increasing as the years passed. Researchers have been struggling to discovery why this is the case for a long time, and have come to the conclusion that it is a result of many factors:

Students hailing from dysfunctional families are seen to have a higher chance of dropping out before receiving their high school diploma. In many of the examined cases, the family’s values differ from those of the students. The student’s parents could also have been dropouts, and as a result less than average living conditions could drive the student’s passion and motivation for school downwards. Domestic clashes arising from said conditions could also be hurting the student’s performance, and common scenarios like divorce only serve to amplify this negativity.

The more obvious case, according to those asked, is the students themselves. High school students find themselves at a critical part of their lives, and without proper motivation they could end up making terrible mistakes and taking turns for the worst. Lack of self esteem and basic skills are also factors. Some students have the misfortune of undergoing major illnesses as well, meaning that months or years of education ends up being missed.

The quality of schooling in the first world hasn’t been looking good recently. Studies show that many schools only serve to harm their students with toxic methods, such as suspension for the most minor or infractions. A culture of minimal expectation has bred in these schools, meaning that they fail to drive students to do their best and instead accept that the least amount of effort is put in. Teachers aren’t helping as well, and these days it isn’t uncommon to find incredibly inexperienced staff teaching students.

High school dropouts is a problem that is being perpetuated by many simultaneous issues, and until action is taken, it will only become more prevalent in the first world.